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Professional Caribou Hunting Outfitter

You're looking for a caribou hunting outfitters DIFFERENT of all other caribou hunting outfitters? A caribou hunting quebec adventure? Want to hunt caribou in Quebec's paradise, Canada? Club Chambeaux is THE Canadian outfitters to hunt caribou !

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Discover why 15,000 hunters and fishermen chose Club Chambeaux as THE Canadian destination for caribou hunting and fishing outfitters since 1984.

A great Northern Quebec caribou hunting outfitters and tropphy fishing outfitters.

Before committing with an outfitters for an outdoors adventure destination, make a serious investigation about them. An outfitters (caribou hunting & trophy fishing) can tell you anything about himself to convince you to book a trip with his outfit.

But, the best way to find out more about the kind of quality and services provided by an outfitter is to check numerous references and ask some questions about the experience lived by his past hunters clients.

"If you're going to go this far, make sure it's to the right place"

So browse our Canadian caribou hunting outfitters site and enjoy !

Club Chambeaux inc, operate almost 50 different caribou hunting and fishing campsite scattered on a territory of 50,000 square miles located in the Great Northern Québec, Canada. This area reknown to have the biggest migrating herd of caribou of the earth. This herd is estimated at about a million animals at the last census.


Club Chambeaux has been offering canadian caribou hunting package in this area since 1984. Hunting success obtained by our numerous hunters are the proof of the reliability of Club Chambeaux hunting expedition.

We have reproduce, in the pages of this web site, many statements and photographs that our clients have sent (plus many, many clients references from past seasons).

You will also find the description of our different hunting packages wich are available. As well as other usefull informations.


There are also other types of outdoor activities no charge, during your stay?

You may hunt BLACK BEAR and PTARMIGAN FROM the 25th of August. There is no extra cost to hunt these bonus species, but you must purchase a license which is available at our office in Schefferville.

Plus, FISHING is possible when on your caribou hunt!

The regular fishing season closes on September 6th for all species. But after September 7th, catch & release only is permited.

You must purchase a fishing license. They are available at our office in Shefferville.

The type of fish available in our territory is Brook trout, Northern pike and Lake trout, Lake Char and Land locked Salmon. Certain lakes and rivers offer a mix of these fishs.











It is a well known fact that the reputation of any company is built on what their clients say about them after they know them a little better.

Since 1984, the great number of successes obtained and the total satisfaction expressed by the majority of visitors who have placed their confidence in us, has permitted the Club Chambeaux to carve out an enviable reputation for reliability when it comes to looking for a Canadian destination to hunt caribou, one which is known on many continents.

This reputation of which we are very proud, has allowed us to receive visitors from many countries including: Canada, The United States, South America, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium and many others.

Our hunting success is based on our unique philosophy of total quality at all levels of our operation and supported by a team of professionals dedicated to make your Canadian caribou hunt the best ever. This is the secret to our succes.

We would also want to express a special thank you to all visiters who have placed their confidence in us since the 1984 season.

Browse our Canadian caribou hunting site and enjoy !

Now you know where to go if you're looking for a caribou hunting outfitters AND a caribou hunting quebec adventure. Come to hunt caribou in Quebec's paradise, Canada. Club Chambeaux is THE caribou hunting outfitters !

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