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How to access to our fishing camp

Our fishing camp is only accessible by float plane from the town of Wabush. This service is supplied by Air Tunilik. This company is subject to the exacting standards of the Canadian Ministry of Transport (MOT). Thus you will be flown to your camp in complete safety aboard either a DHC-3 Otter or a DHC-2 beaver float plane.

By road

Only road 389 North from the town of Baie-Comeau leads to the float plane base in Wabush. The distance between Baie-Comeau and Wabush is 325 miles (535 km). There are service stations, lodgings and restaurants along the way. As well, you will find this to be an exceptionally scenic route, including one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world (Manic 5). The road also takes you along the shore of the vast Manicouagan reservoir, which was created by the dam and a crater left by an immense meteor millions of years ago. You will also see the remains of the former mining town et Gagnonville, plus three other modern mining towns, Fermont, Labrador City and Wabush, as well as some of the richest variety of flora and fauna in this part of the province of Quebec.

By plane

Transport Canada operates an airport at Wabush. Daily flights from Montreal, Quebec City and Sept-Îles connect to and from Wabush, which makes us accessible from anywhere around the world. Upon your arrival our welcoming service will greet you at the airport and the Club Chambeaux shuttle will take you to our seaplane base in Labrador City (5 minutes). From there you will board a float plane to your camp (50 to 60 minute flight). Upon your return from camp, if necessary, lodgings will be provided for one night in our accommodations located at our seaplane base, at no extra cost to you. The next day, the Club Chambeaux shuttle will take you, and your trophies, back to the airport for your return flight.

Your Bush flight going to the camp is scheduled on 2:30 PM from Wabush, Wabush time.

The return flight from camp to Wabush is scheduled for approximately 3:30 PM, Wabush time, arrival at Wabush 4:30 PM.

Luggage weight limit authorized

In accordance with the regulations of Canadian Ministry of Air Transport concerning Bush Flying, the maximum weight limit for luggage, per passenger, are the following: 

Flight to the camp : 70 lbs (32kg)

Excess weight will be transported on space available only, at the passenger expense

Flight back from camp : 130 lbs (59Kg) Including your catches