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Club Chambeaux and Caniapiscau river

This magnificent river has its source in the Nouveau-Quebec Highlands, around the 53rd parallel north, and its waters flow about 300 miles to Ungava Bay. The Club Chambeaux fishing camps are located on the banks of the Caniapiscau River, near its headwaters, about 100 miles northwest of the town of Wabush by air.

Aquatic wildlife comes to this area of the river every year, from early June to late September, to feed and to reproduce. The many rapids in the sector advantage anglers seeking trophy fish. The quality fishing here is exceptional because of the variety, size and feistiness of the prey. Moreover, the surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful.

And when you add to this the warm welcome of our competent staff, excellent food, and first-class accommodations and equipment, your first visit to Club Chambeaux won’t be your last.

Our season : : 7 days between june 8 and september 13 (wednesday to wednesday)

Genuine trophy fishing

Fishing at Club Chambeaux allows anglers, be they experts, amateurs or fly fishing buffs, to test their skills against the Caniapiscau River, where catching genuine trophies is an everyday occurrence, not for only one, but four (4) of the most sought-after fresh-water species in North America.