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Fishing techniques and guides

Our guides

As mentioned, the Caniapiscau River is the habitat of many sporting species which are excellent opponents because of their great size. Moreover, the territory we access has several rapids where an abundance of great masters give our enthusiasts full sporting measure. Our guides are chosen for their knowledge of the river and their fishing experience.

Your guide will be at the tiller of the boat, which is specially designed to operate safely on this type of river; the boat is equipped by a powerful motor. Your guide will take you to the action, where great thrills await, and will provide sound advice on the best fishing techniques to use. At the propitious moment he will be on the watch to ensure the best chance of netting your trophy. Even beginners will be able to make impressive catches very quickly. For fly-fishing enthusiasts, the guide will be an important asset in helping you select the best places and appropriate flies. On several occasions it will be possible to fish by wading along the rapids, so do not forget to bring waders.

Recommended equipment

We wish to remind you that the fish caught at Club Chambeaux are trophy size. Fishing rods and reels should therefore be strong and you should bring spares. Your guide will supply a suitable landing net. Following your reservation, Club Chambeaux provide you with a booklet containing suggestions and the information you need to prepare your fishing trip; clothing, lures, flies, travel tips, regulations, etc.

Fly Fishing
We recommend a good quality rod with floating line equipped with a 15lb (maximum) leader. Here is a list of flies which have given us good result to this date:
TypeModel abd Color
Streamer for salmon ouananicheCors d'hameçon simple, orange et argenté
Grey ghost - Magogo smelts - Mickey finn
Pink lady. orange fluo ou Arc-en-ciel(rainbow)
Shainer englishand models imitating the mice given excellent result for Speckled Trout (Brook)
Muddler minnowOrange , or Black or Blue and imitation of Bumble Bee
Royal CaushmanAnd your personal secret flies
Packing fish

Your guide will carefully clean and prepare your catch for transportation. Fish will be frozen at camp, packed and identified correctly in specially designed waxed boxes.

Boats and security
  • Only the guide can steer the boat and at all time
  • When fishing you must be always be accompany by a guide
  • You must always wear the provided life jacket inside the boat, during travelling or fishing